Low-relief Warehouse

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Please note this is not a physical product, this is a downloadable STL file for you to print on your own 3D printer.

After several requests I've decided to make some of the STL files available that were used to print the buildings on my own layout, 'Frost's Mill'.

This is a OO/4mm scale 2 part low-relief canal warehouse similar to those found around the Ellesmere Port area, but wouldn't look out of place on any layout.

The building was a bespoke design for my own layout, therefore may need some adjustments for your own needs. This is up to you to do. The structure was designed to sit over Code 100 track.

The model will need supporting in your chosen Slicer. I printed mine stood vertically on the build plate with internal supports to prevent the roof collapsing, as well as supports for the vent on the front and the bottom of the downpipe.

Designed to fit within the build area of an Anycubic Photon resin printer.

Reccomended layer height: 0.02mm - 0.04mm

2 STL files in a compressed 7-zip archive. 7-zip will be required to open this, available here.